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Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

Heres how it works !


What exactly is the Yoonla Foundation Program?


The Yoonla Foundation Program is a free training platform built to teach beginners and also experienced digital marketers how to start an online business. And they teach it all to you for free, most programs like this require a one time or monthly fee, or they show you half of the training before they make you upgrade to get complete access.

This isn’t even the case with Yoonla, they will literally show you how to get all the tools and resources that you would desire to get started as a digital marketer.

After you have completed the 5 step training you should be able to know how to create :

Your own domain

Web hosting

Your very own landing/squeeze capture page

How to setup an email automation follow up sequence

How to create your own email campaigns for following up with your leads

How to build a lead subscribers list

Drive traffic to your site to capture leads and convert them to earn commissions

+ more


What is the Yoonla Affiliate Program?




You are probably wondering why I mentioned a “foundation” program. Well the reason why is because yes there are two different memberships of this company, the foundation program is the training platform which is what you get right when you sign up and confirm your email after you create an account. The training is free.

However, though, the affiliate program is considered a VIP membership which gets you access to their CPA program where you can promote yoonla and earn $2-$4 per lead or every person you get to sign up for free.

Now, let us get this straight I wouldn’t think of it as an up sell, the training they provide is great, and you can use what you learn for any niche, website or offer. The Vip is where most go so they can use what they learned to get some money. Do you like money? I think you do!


Everything you need to know



Once you have created your account, which all you need is a name and email address. After you have filled everything out, simply click create an account, you will be redirected to a thank you page telling you to check email inbox to confirm your new account. When all that is done, you will be brought to the Yoonla Foundation Program dashboard. This is where you will have all your free hours of training videos.

The training is organized by a 5 step by step sections on the left side of the screen. Which all will be explained the best I can.


Step 1 | Preparation



In this video, Reno the founder of Yoonla explains the preparation you need and further details about why. You will need a getresponse account for your email marketing campaigns, that is because you are going to get a customized website for free promoting 3 digital products. Twitter marketing excellence, Youtube marketing excellence, and Email marketing excellence.

This account is what is going to do all the email follow ups for you to convert your leads into commissions$$

These are called autoresponders, which he also explains in the videos but to keep this cluttered free I’ll provide the basic details of the program instead.

Auto responders are what you put your own email into, and you can set which days you want them to send out to your leads, also when someone does subscribe to you the auto responder campaign will automatically send an email right after. Which is needed in order to follow up with them about signing up for a free yoonla account or to give them their free digital product I discussed above.

Step 2 | web hosting


Now while all this is free, including the custom setup, you will need a ipage or Yahoo web hosting account along with a domain name which can be purchased from either company. He provides the links you need to set that up, and it is required because it’s the only way you get VIP membership to have access to the affiliate program and starting earning money within yoonla



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 Step 3 | digital setup




This is what Reno is going to set up for you after getting the get response and web hosting to promote yoonla and the three digital products he gives you, the video explains everything you need to know


Step 4 | automation




This explains how to set up your automation email follow-up sequence. Follow it step by step in order to get good results. In the Yoonla dashboard, they have already done for you email swipes you can copy and paste in your email campaign. Lots of value




Proof of earnings


Results will always vary from person to person depending on how much you put into it.

These are some of my earnings ?


Udimi - Buy Solo Ads