This website gives you the ability to EARN FREE MONEY !!!


Yes you heard me correctly FREE MONEY !!! and below i will explain how this is possible , i joined this site a few months ago , looking for somewhere to promote my business links apart from just facebook , and google+ and instagram and twitter among others .

Firstly i will happily show you below some of my earnings , bear in mind i dont advertise it much as i should do , i only advertise it on facebook , and i don't do it every month ok , but know i have recently decided to advertise it with all of my opportunities .

As its an incredible site to find leads/referrals on , as its full of nothing but NETWORK MARKETERS .

Ok this is EXACTLY what i do ok :

Join up to my link

Then once you have made your account and it has become active then you need to find your referral link ok .

Look down the right hand side of your screen and you will see the option "GET MORE CREDITS " ,

if you then click that option and scroll down to the bottom of the screen you will see the words "REFERRAL PROGRAM" lit up in blue , click that and it will take you to your referral link and it will also show you how many people you have referred to this site , and how much commission you have earned for this month !!


Now your next step is to take your referral link and advertise it on social media , places like facebook , and google+ and twitter and instagram . I advertise it as free because the site is FREE  i have never spent a penny on this site EVER !!!

The people you sign up will then decide to choose whether they wish to use the services on offer within the site . If they do you will earn commissions , as you can see in the above image i am doing ok at it !!

The image below shows how many people i have brought into the business since i started and it also shows how much i have earned this month in commissions so far !! REMEMBER ITS ALL FREE MONEY !!!!

To be able to receive payments off this program what you need to do is head over to the page that shows the amount of members you have joined up and current commissions you have earned ( the same page directly under this paragraph, and see how many members i have joined) , and underneath it will be the option to log into your affiliate account , then click on my profile and it will give you the option to put in your payment details , so you can receive any commissions you have earned direct in to your bank ( this normally takes 3-5 days after the first day of the month to hit your account) !!


As you can see by scrolling down the page and seeing my images , i use the money wisely , as its all spare cash to me :) , enjoy the finer things in life use the money to take your family abroad , like i did with my wife , i took her to greece and hired quadbikes and explored the island it was truly amazing , you can do so many things with FREE MONEY !!!




Also once you start amassing credits on your mlm gateway account you can use them to contact any future prospects with any future programs you do so you have another market to contact on instead of facebook , its really an amazing tool this site and its all FREE !!!

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