What is Electroneum ?

This is going to be a mindblowing experience for everyone involved in this , but i know some of you may not understand as of yet exactly what this still is .

So i will try and explain it as simply as i can ok , so bear with me :)

ELECTRONEUM  is called an an ICO ( ICO stands for INITIAL COIN OFFERING )

When ever a new ICO hits the market , there are always lots of questions on why ,what ,when ,where and what its ment for .

So below i am going to put some more info about this amazing opportunity and what they actually do and what is in it for YOU ok !!

Lamens terms its like buying stocks and shares or buying gold or even buying into bitcoin, this is a new opportunity to buy low in something new and grow with it and earn yourselves some great money along the way !

The first image below is how much you will get per $1 you spend , ok , the more you spend the more coins you receive , now only invest what you can afford , i am putting in abit ok .

The starting price of this coin is going to be roughly $0.01 and it will rise and keep on rising , and then its down to you when you wish to take your funds out or keep them in there . This has huge potential especially because of who its aimed at . If you join under my link you will also receive a bonus on top of what ever your purchasing as well .



What is Electroneum?

They're aiming to target the globes 2.2 billion smart phone users with their new coin that can easily be mined on smartphones. It's been built on its own blockchain and has now launched its ICO to gain funds for the project.
They're aiming to make crypto currency easier to understand for the average person. They feel that its far too complicated for the average person to get involved with crypto and hope to make crypto accessible to all. Users will be able to control all aspects of the new currency from their smartphone.
The new platform will use the CryptoNote algorithm, used by popular currencies such as Monero and ByteCoin.


electroneum 2.jpg
The new crypto currency will be available to mine with a simple app. Rather than the user being presented with an option of either buying an expensive mining rig or sending their ID to a random exchange to buy coins all you'll need to do to get started with Electroneum is download a free app.
Installing the app (from Apple or Android) means that the user can start mining the currency instantly, even when the app is running in the background you'll still be gaining coins. They claim that the app will use very little bandwidth so will be cheap for the user to mine and won't require any technical ability.

High coin supply

They're going to have a total supply of 21 billion coins, they claim this is so that transactions will be based on just 2 decimals, so that transactions will have a similar feel to FIAT transactions. Rather than with bitcoin you often see transactions such as: 0.000472 which can look strange to users with little knowledge of crypto currency.
One of their main selling points seems to be that the new currency will be much easier to understand with the simple 2 decimal place payment system and the easy to use app for mining.

Target Market

The team claim that they have 2 main targets for their marketing:

Gaming (computer gamers)

The retention rate of multiplayer online games after the first 30 days is just 20%. They'll be targeting this market so that gamers can use the new virtual currency to transfer some of their earnings to new games by monetizing their in game currency. The new platform will target game company owners by offering them a commission on any exchanges they generate when players exit their game.

Gaming (gambling market)

Many gaming companies now accept bitcoin as a form of payment. The problem is many people find bitcoin complicated and hard to purchase.
Over 2 billion people in the world still don't have a bank account, this is a market that gaming companies are desperate to target.
Electroneum state that their new currency will help to solve this problem by allowing users to mine coins from their mobile phone which could then be used for gaming. Winnings can then be paid back to the users wallet.

Why should you invest?


Electroneum state that their new currency will be much easier to use than those currently on the market and aim to appeal more to the mass market.
The team behind the currency have a history of founding successful companies and are already a properly registered British company.
Duncan Logal, he CEO of Rocketspace who helped huge companies such as Uber and Spotify has also publicly tweeted that this will be the first ICO that he's investing in.

Electroneum ICO Details

  • Token sale date: 14th of September to October 31st.

  • Coins available for the sale: 6.3 billion.

  • Price $0.01 per token.

  • Payment methods: Bitcoin or Ethereum.

  • Bonuses:
    28th of September-4th of October- 30%.
    5th-11th of October- 20%
    12th-18th of October-10%

  • Additional 1% bonus on top for the entire sale by Clicking this text

Electroneum Signup Offer