Interested in earning free crypto currency ?
This new crypto currency has alot of potential that some others do not have , this crypto is currently in the process of being
listed on numerous exchanges as we speak , it's currently only on a site called cryptopia
This link is where you can make your own account and start purchasing Electroneum (ETN)

Also you would need to have the ability to purchase bitcoin ( btc) to be able to start buying Electroneum if you wish to do it that way as well , and here is an amazing site that i use regulary and it has low fees and its very user friendly https://localbitcoins.com/?ch=lqeb


Also with this, you will be able to mine  Electroneum cryptocurrency on your mobile phone in early 2018 as well for free !!

No fancy hardware or having the need to buy expensive computer equipment or even have the latest top of the range phone .

This currency is ment for the masses , for people like you and me from all 4 corners of the earth , whether you live in africa or even the north pole , as long as you have a phone with internet ,and the capabilities to download the app on your phone , you will be able to mine Electroneum .

All you need to do is download the electroneum app from your google appstore ,
register and use this code AE9A4E to be entered into the weekly prize draw for 5000 ETN coins.
Current value of the 5000 etn coins is around $400+ and rising OR
Scan the QR code below  or enter the short code AE9A4E .
Mobile coin mining FOR FREE will be added in the new year.
Here is also the main facebook page for ELECTRONEUM https://www.facebook.com/electroneum/
Also here is the main website for ELECTRONEUM https://my.electroneum.com/
And finally here is 1 of the main electroneum facebook groups for people who bought into it https://www.facebook.com/groups/electroneum/

1)  Head over to your google playstore on your mobile phone .

2) Search for ELECTRONEUM then proceed to download it on your phone ( image below is what it looks like )

3) Proceed through the signing up process ( should take only a few mins ) 

4) Once your account has been set up and you have the option to start mining , look at the bottom of your phone and you will see 4 options , they will be : miner -wallet - value - more .

5) Click on the MORE option , and you will see PROMO EARN FREE COINS  at the top , proceed to click on that option and you will be able to find YOUR REFERRAL DETAILS , you can then create your referral link , but once you have set up your account , enter the referral code AE9A4E .

6) This will then have me as your sponsor and you then do the same with everyone you join up , so they join up under you :) 

7) now your ready to start mining ,head back over to the miner option at the bottom of your phone , and click START MINING and start earning free crypto :)