The Bitcoin Sensation is here !!

I recently got shown some information about something called BITCOIN .

This digital currency is taking the world by storm , and has been for the past few years .

And now i am going to be all over it , i have done some searching and reading up on it , and IT'S ALL THE RAGE , this currency is going places !!

This currency has doubled in value in the past 12 months alone !!!

So here is a little information on bitcoin via a couple of links that will explain it perfectly and precisely :



These 2 links will give you the heads up about bitcoin and what it actually is ok . Now currently the bitcoin is floating around the $4300  mark ,when i started looking int bitcoin in december it was under $600 per bitcoin.

Now its over $4300 + and rising !! , which has grown massively since it started off at under $1 not that long ago really !!

But in the next 3 years , its looking to hit the $10,000 per bitcoin mark, think about it .....


Do you really want to miss out on this goldmine ??????


Now your probably asking yourself a couple of things right now ??

1) i cannot afford $4300 for a bitcoin  ?? YOU DO NOT NEED TO !!!

you can purchase parts of a bitcoin like 0.05 or 0.02 of a bitcoin which costs a couple of dollars !!

and build it up slowly at your own pace , until you finally get to the amount of 1 bitcoin . THIS IS AMAZING !!


Don't believe me google bitcoin , and you will see it all , it will blow your mind !!

You can purchase holidays cars , literally everything on line with this digital currency it's truly out of this world .




This information is up to you ok , but since bitcoin has gone through the roof , i looked back at bitcoin and though to myself ,should i buy little bits of bitcoin here and there , or think outside the box !

Now lets say you bought $100 worth of bitcoin at todays current value , your would probably get something like 0.023 of a bitcoin , which is worth it , as the value will keep growing regardless !!


Do you look at maybe something that gives you more for your money ?

Take a look at this screenshot below ..




Now as you can see from this website there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies similar to bitcoin , myself personally i have started looking at these crypto currencies as an alternative .

You can buy your 0.023 bitcoin for $100 or you could invest in one of these other currencies and maybe buy 100 of them or even a few thousand on these other crypto currencies and watch them rise over time , and possibly earning you a bigger payday .

To date the cryptocurrencies i currently own are as follows :

Siacoin - 21000 coins & Ripple - 2000 coins

Litecoin - 1 coin & Lisk - 26 coin & Maidsafecoin - 126 coin .

They are the ones i currently own , i will no doubt be looking for more over time .

The website i use is

Now the way it works is this you purchase your bitcoin with

and once your purchase of bitcoin has appeared in your account you then transfer your bitcoin balance over to poloniex , the way to do this is to click on the BALANCE button and then in the drop down menu you will see the deposit&withdrawals option on your poloniex account , you will find this option on your poloniex account its usually in the top right hand corner of the screen next to the orders button .

Now once you have got this far , you then scroll down and look for bitcoin, then look across the screen you will see it has an option to deposit or withdraw , you then click the deposit button and a crypto wallet address with come up , that will be the address you send your bitcoin to , and after roughly 20-30 minutes your balance will appear in the bitcoin balance .

You can then plan your next move , lets say you decided to want to buy Siacoin like i did , then you scroll down the page where your bitcoin balance is being shown , and you will see all the other crypto currencies you can purchased .

Click on the letters at the beginning of siacoin , so in this case it would be SC , once you have clicked it , this will take you to a 2nd page , where if you scroll down towards the bottom of the page it will give you the ability to purchase the amount of siacoin you want and it will also show you how much bitcoin you have to spend , by this time its up to you if you want to buy all of that currency or even just abit of siacoin instead.

You then click back a page and you can buy another currency if you like .

What i tend to do is have open on my tabs at the top of my computer the poloniex page , so i can see how my accounts doing , and then i also have this page open to

This site shows you all the current prices of all crypto currencies at that time , so you can see how well they are doing , this may seem  complicated , but its really not :)

It's all trial and error and a new learning curve , but once you have had a play around with it , you will soon get to grips with it !!

Also my one final suggestion is this :

When ever your considering buying into a new cryptocurrency always do your homework and use google , i always and i mean always  type in the currency so lets see again siacoin ( THE POTENTIAL OF SIACOIN ) .

And have a good read up on each crypto your considering investing in , if it does not give good feedback stay away , if it has potential then the choice in yours !! GOOD LUCK WITH IT !!







You will need to begin your journey into this by looking for an appropriate website to open your BITWALLET ,

i have found one that is ideal and easy to move around  its called coin base  :

This site is great , its very easy to work through and it also gives you the ability to download an app on your phone , for you to monitor all your activity within bitcoin . It also gives you live updates on the ups and downs of bitcoin values !!


Once you have opened your account and filled in all the details required ,you can then proceed through and start purchasing your part or full bitcoins , its all down to you , and every day you can monitor the fluctuations of the value of your current stock of part or full bitcoins.




michael cavanagh
michael cavanagh